Broomfield SILC

Emotional Wellbeing


The emotional well being of children with ASC is of paramount importance. A number of factors are designed to regulate the children’s emotions and to make them feel safe and secure:

  • A low arousal learning environment
  • A highly structured predictable daily routine
  • The development of social and communicative competence
  • The use of visual support to aid understanding
  • Reduced lesson pace to allow pupils time to process information
  • Daily vigorous exercise


By addressing the emotional, social and communicative needs of pupils with Autism challenging behaviours are minimised. By providing access to a highly structured predictable low arousal environment, consistent staffing, equipping all pupils with an effective means of communication, and facilitating their understanding through visual support, anxiety and misunderstandings are minimised. The pupils are generally calm, and well behaved. Any incidents of challenging behaviour are managed consistently with reference to behaviour management plans.