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Information about the Windmill Partnership at Broomfield South SILC

The Windmill Partnership is a highly structured environment with a consistent routine, enhanced by visual supports in order for our pupils to develop and thrive. We constantly work on the fundamentals of communication, social skills and independence.

Pupils at the Windmill Partnership almost always have a diagnosis of ASC. These are pupils who are able to access a formal curriculum: they may be emerging readers and writers working significantly below age related expectations but with targeted support to manage their ASC needs, pupils are often able to make good progress. Pupils have eventually accessed some mainstream English and Maths lessons and completed their End of Year 6 SATS.

Pupils have access to social inclusion during lunch and playtimes. They can also access inclusion according to their individual needs and interests with 1:1 support. Where appropriate, pupils access mainstream   lessons for example in PE, Science, English or Maths. Some pupils are not ready to access any. Learning for most pupils follows a traditional lesson structure and work is recorded in workbooks. Some pupils follow a TEACHH approach with a workstation, visual cues and symbols and start / finish baskets to develop independence. 

Pupils at Windmill use verbal language and/or  PECS symbols/ Makaton to communicate and benefit from  clear structure and visual supports. Sensory integration activities and the Intensive interaction approach are used to enhance pupils’ sensory development and develop their communication and social skills

Pupils at Windmill will have difficulties associated with their ASC needs for example: managing their emotions and are supported continuously with both mutual and self -regulation. Pupils with more challenging  behaviours often associated with ASC and who require a more personalised approach (e.g. access to a dedicated space) will find that the provision at the main site  is usually more appropriate to meet their needs.

There are currently two classes at Windmill with up to 10 pupils  in each class. There are pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 in both classes and currently organised according to needs and appropriate peer groups. Each class has a specialist teacher trained in Team Teach, SCERTS,  and Intensive Interaction. There is a high ratio of adults to pupils.

Pupils access the facilities at Broomfield on a weekly basis including our Sensory room and Rebound. Pupils also have opportunities to take part in In Harmony sessions (an Opera North community partnership at Windmill Primary school) where pupils have the opportunity to learn and instrument and join a choir.

Provision is flexible and access to inclusion is tailored to meet the needs of the individual child. We work on the premise that the development of fundamental social and communication skills are a prerequisite to inclusion. When pupils are ready and able to be meaningfully included, they are gradually phased into lessons with their appropriate peer group. Inclusion is enabled and supported in many ways including:

  • - Visual Timetables
  • - Use of Time out cards
  • - Ear defenders
  • - Social stories
  • - Work contracts and star charts
  • - Intensive interaction
  • - Recognition that our pupils do not have to look and listen at the same time
  • - Adult support to prompt, read, scribe
  • - Extra time
  • - Circle of friends

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