Broomfield SILC

Weekly School Awards

At every school assembly, a series of awards and special mentions are announced. These awards and special mentions publicly celebrate the achievements of individuals, groups and classes across the school. Click the links on the left for more information about each award.

About the Weekly School Awards

A brief explanation of all the weekly awards.

Worker of the Week

Worker of the Week is awarded to one pupil in each class. The award can be made for any reason, and is decided by classroom staff every Friday. A pupil from sixth form collects the list of winners every Friday. Every winner receives a certificate.

The Worker of the Week encourages all pupils to excel and do their best at whatever they are doing.

House Points

We have introduced a new House Points System at Broomfield SILC. Our motif is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow represents our diversity and has a symbolism which crosses into many religions and cultures.

Pupils are grouped into seven house teams, each team representing a colour of the rainbow. These are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple Houses. Every child and member of staff will be given one of these houses to support. Each pupil is placed in a house on entry to school and remains a member of this team throughout their time at school. House Captains will be elected in the coming weeks and they will provide positive leadership to the children in their house and the various competitions and events organised throughout the year. Teaching and non-teaching staff will also belong to a house and they will encourage and support the children in positive team building through the house system.

We have allocated pupils to the different houses according to their interests;

Red House - Food and Cooking.

Orange House - Hair, Beauty, Massage and other treatments.

Yellow House – Entertainment/Media

Green House – Sport and Physical activities, indoor and outdoor.

Blue House – Music/Dance

Pink House – Sensory

Purple House – Art and Design

At the end of each term there will be a reward afternoon where pupils in the winning house will take part in activities coordinated and supported by the staff attached to that house.

The Praise Page

The Praise Page is read out at every assembly. All members of staff can write comments about any particular pupil or event that they wish to publicly recognise. The praise can be about individuals, groups, classes, or even the whole school.

The Praise Page is a public recognition of the 'extra effort' and 'extra mile' that so many pupils regularly make every day of every week during the school year.

Tidy Teddy

Tidy Teddy patrols the school when nobody is looking, and awards the Tidy Teddy cup to the tidiest classroom. (Nobody has actually seen Tidy Teddy do the weekly inspection, but the award is always made!).

The Tidy Teddy award helps to promote classroom pride and responsibility for one's surroundings. 

Weekly School Award Winners

Weekly School Awards for Friday 13th July

Workers of the Week

P1 - All the class for their hard work during sports day

P2 - The whole class for sports day

P3 - Dominic for excellent behaviour all week

P4 - Declan for holding his head up while sitting

P5 - Sky for using his voice more during lessons

P6 - Charlie for helping P1 during sports day

P7 - Matthew for independently making a clear choice and communicating this

P8 - Michael for a fantastic transition visit

S1 - Becky for running around the track 2 times on sports day

S2 - Isabel for a positive attitude to learning

S3 - Anesa for trying hard at maths

S4 - Christian for fantastic signing this week

S5 - Nathanial for being a kind friend this week to his friends

S6 - Amber for accepting changes

S7 - Carlos for completing his physio programme and walking independently

S8 - Lewis for being a fantastic sports man during sports day

S9 - Glenn for refereeing a curling match