Broomfield SILC

The School Council


Our school council has an important role to play in gathering the opinions of all pupils on aspects of their education and school life.

Members of the school council are elected at the beginning of each academic year They represent all classes at school council meetings which are supported by learning support assistants and an assistant principal. The governors and the Principal can also attend the meetings.

Two of our school council members represent Broomfield on the SILC Parliament. Members of the Parliament meet every half term at one of the SILCs. A manifesto was agreed when the Parliament was first set up and at the meeting members report on events that have happened over the half term and any new initiatives.


School Council Members 2017-2018



Post 16

Rodillian Partnership

P1       Henry

S1       Anthony

L6       Francis

P2       Josue S2       Vera U6      Stacey     Callum
P3       Gaetan S3       Jasmine     Giovanni 
P4       Harvey S4       Adam     George

P5       Jayden

S5       Nathaniel     Bethany
P6       Charlie S6       Kaye-Marie     
P7       Harry S7       Aaron 
P8       Darren S8       Lewis
S9       Jude

 Minutes 2017-2018

 SILC Parliament 

The SILC Parliament meets once a half term with each SILC hosting the meetings.  Lewis and Harry  represent Broomfield on the SILC Parliament.

SILC Parliament documentation