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Persuasive Design

This lesson aims to help young people understand the use persuasive design in the online world while giving room for discussion and tips around how platforms use the algorithm.


Persuasive Design and the Algorithm

Online Bullying

This discussion-based lesson allows children to reflect on how best to respond to bullying. The lesson contains 3 engaging and relevant animations which help to stimulate an important discussion around bullying.

Primary- Online BullyingPrimary Online Bullying LPPrimary Online Bullying Task


This lesson teaches primary pupils about one of the most important aspects of online safety: passwords. Pupils will learn what makes a password safer, all of the do’s and don’ts and why we need strong passwords. This lesson includes a fun worksheet which allows pupils to practice creating their own password.

Primary PasswordsPasswords Lesson Plan

Fake News 7-11

This lesson aims to give pupils the skills and knowledge to identify and challenge Fake News, whether they see it online, in the newspaper or on TV.

Primary Fake News

Pride Information

Pride Learning PackPride Learning Support Pack 

Top Tips

Trusted Adult Primary 7-11

Trusted Adult Primarylesson plan scenarios 

 primary postersTrusted Adult Makaton Video Vimeo 

Online Safety Shareables

Keeping Gaming Safe InformationMy child's first device


This lesson looks at what an influencer is, what they do, how they make money and a couple of things for your pupils to be wary of when watching & following their favourite gamers, creators and celebs.

Influencers Primary HLH

Random of Acts of Kindness

Inspired by ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, this lesson looks at what kindness is, why it is important and how we can help play our part in a kinder world.

Random Acts of Kindness Primary

Random Acts of Kindness Worksheets 

Image Sharing

This lesson looks at consent for the use of images, as well as what to do if you see or even share an indecent image online. The task allows pupils to reflect on how easily and how far an image can spread online.

Primary Image Sharing HLH









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