Broomfield SILC

S8 - 3D Art

Students in S8 have been focusing on the hardship that many people suffered during the two world wars. In our Leisure option we looked at 3D art that has been created in the memory of the soldiers who fought in these wars.

We began by looking at human proportion and how to draw figures using a wire frame then adding a body outline. The class looked at some of the uniforms worn by privates and officers.

After studying some possible poses we began making our own statues. To start we made a wooden frame using our knowledge of proportion, then building on an aluminium foil body. Finally we covered the figure with ‘Plaster of Paris’ bandage. To achieve the metallic look we painted our statues with bronze paint.

S8 are proud of the work we have done and think that our statues represent the heroes of our past.