Broomfield SILC

Governing Body

The Broomfield school governors are collectively called the governing body.

What does the governing body do?

Governors link the school with the community, and play a key role in the effectiveness of the school.  The governing board’s job is to look at all aspects of the school’s performance and ensure it is achieving its full potential as well as working with the Principal and Senior Team to provide strategic leadership and accountability.

Governors core strategic functions are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; 
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

 The school motto ‘Investing in Individuals, Transforming Lives’ reflects the ethos of our school as a community where we value the contributions of all pupils and staff.

The governing body supports this motto by observing, listening and challenging all aspects of school life. It does this so that the decisions that it makes are well informed and contribute towards the continuing success of the school. The governing body also plays an important part in the Ofsted inspection process by demonstrating their knowledge of the effectiveness of the school.

The governing body ensures that resources are well used, so that every child and young person has the best possible experience. Performance data is checked to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is excellent. Policies and procedures are reviewed to ensure the wellbeing of everybody in school – both pupils and staff.

Code of conduct

All governors sign up to a code of conduct which sets out a number of principles which guide how the governing body operates, ensuring that it is consistent and fair.

The governors work as a team. Individual governors have no power or responsibility and it is only the full governing body which has corporate legal powers and duties. 

Click to view a copy of the governing body Code of Conduct.

All governors have read the statutory guidance for schools about Keeping children safe in education, which is published by the Department for Education.

Who sits on the governing body

The governing body comprises volunteers who are committed to doing their very best to support the school, its pupils and staff. Governors are part of the school team, and come from all walks of life, with a wide range of different skills and talents. Some governors have had a long association with the school, whilst others are more recent appointments. All governors share a vision for the school to continue to improve, offering the best education and experience for all of its children and young people.

one governor explains why they got involved. Her thoughts are shared by the other governors:

'We ... know how challenging the behaviour of our young people can be, but with it comes the great rewards of each and every small progression they make and the knowledge that we have helped them on their journey to reach their full potential. To be able to send a child to school knowing they are happy to be there; in a safe environment that is able to meet the child's needs. Providing them with the appropriate methods of teaching to enable them to reach their true potential.'

The Governing Body

The governing body comprises community, local authority, parent/carers and staff governors. 

In accordance with new Regulations relating to the constitution of governing bodies, from September 2017 the governing body will comprise:

Category   Governor Name   Term of office
Principal (1)/ Head of School Michelle Wilman/Kathryn Bryan  ex oficio
Co-opted (7) Ray Tough (Chair) 08/05/2018 - 7/05/2022
  Emma Husband 26/06/2019 - 5/06/2023
  Phil Chan 14/07/2015 - 4/07/2023
Simon Crockford 11/10/2018 - 0/10/2022


Jean Jackson 11/10/2018 - 0/10/2022


Matthew Hunter 11/10/2018 - 0/10/2022
Parent (1) Kathy Louca 13/02/2019 - 2/02/2023
 Staff (2) Ruth Sarsfield 13/02/2019 - 2/02/2023

 Register of Business Interests

Who are the governors?

To give you a better idea of who the governors are, they have been invited to describe their backgrounds and experience.

Ray Tough

Ray Tough - Chair of Governors

I have the honour and privilege to be the Chair of Governors at Broomfield where the needs of the students come first.

The Governing body is a mixture of professional people all of whom have the school at heart.


As we move forward, with a new head teacher, we will support her and the rest of the brilliant staff to the best of our abilities.


I live locally and have been involved in education for the last fifteen years.


Broomfield School is not an ordinary school, it is a very Special school, one that I will always be proud to be associated with.


Ray Tough
Chair of Governors
Broomfield School.



Simon Crockford 

Simon Crockford

I am is a qualified Chartered Accountant working in financial services with extensive experience in Reporting, Forecasting and Business partnering. A key part of the required skill set is the willingness to challenge, ability to understand complex issues and to have high expectations for performance.

Being a Governor provides me with an opportunity to put something back having benefitted from the education system himself, being the first from my family to go to University.


Phil Chan

Phil Chan

My previous role was part of the SEN team at Leeds City Council. During the ten years in the team I worked primarily managing SEN funding and provision in Leeds however I have had experience with writing EHC plans as a Casework Officer. My current role is part of the senior management team of an independent Speech and Language Therapy service based in Leeds. I continue to use my knowledge of SEN and school provision to develop support for children and young people in Leeds and several cities across the UK.

As a result of my experiences, I have built up lots of knowledge of SEN and best practice in schools and there is a good fit with the governor role and supporting Broomfield School. Additionally my work with SEN funding means that I have a good grasp of school budgets so I fully understand the challenges faced by a school in providing the best for its pupils.

I am born and bred in Leeds so it is great to be involved with one of the great specialist settings in the city. It has been a pleasure to see the fantastic provision develop at Broomfield School and I look forward to being a part of the journey the school is on. I have no doubts that the school is on a journey to becoming an outstanding school.


Matthew Hunter

Matthew Hunter

I am a Solicitor based in central Leeds. I specialise in incentives law and corporate governance and advise global businesses on their internal governance structures, particularly in relation to remuneration matters. I bring my legal skills and broad experience of advising corporate clients to the governing board and look forward to supporting the Broomfield community.


Jean Jackson

Jean Jackson

I am married and have four children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Two of our children joined our family as older children and I had to make myself aware, fast, of the additional needs of children who had experienced traumatic starts in life. As a child I was made aware of how much prejudice and discrimination was shown to my cousin’s child, who had cerebral palsy. This led to her having little choice in adult life, with severely reduced opportunities and never reaching her true potential. These family situations have given me a life-long interest in children with additional needs and reduced abilities.

I gained an initial degree in Geography and Geology which led to work with a River Authority as a Hydro-geologist. After several moves, necessitated by family situations, I returned to east Yorkshire where I was born. For the next ten years I worked as a Youth Worker, with hours to fit around the needs of my children. I then returned to full-time work as a Fostering Social Worker in Hull, where I was supported to qualify as a Social Worker and gain a Masters degree.

Since then I have worked for almost thirty years in Fostering and Adoption. This has included some time developing a family support scheme for families who had children with additional needs, as well as some time on a research project, looking at support offered to families with children on the Autistic Spectrum.

My current job entails supporting foster carers and the children in their care. This includes linking with mainstream and special schools to ensure that the children in Care are offered the best possible education and opportunities in life. This has led to my interest in being a Governor at Broomfield; I am looking forward to my new role and learning what I can offer to develop the school further.

 Declared Interest

I do have a daughter who is a teacher at John Charles.


Emma Husband

Emma Husband

I am an Assistant Headteacher at Cockburn School where I oversee Teaching and Learning as well as SEND provision. I am passionate about ensuring students regardless of their background and ability can succeed in education enabling them to take the next steps in their journey to adulthood. I am proud to continue to teach Religious Studies as I believe that the study of religions and ethics is more important than ever in today’s ever diverse world.
I am looking forward to working with other professionals on the governing body at Broomfield, when you walk around the building it is truly amazing to see so many dedicated members of staff providing expert care to so many students. It is also a joy to watch students excelling in all areas of the curriculum.
As someone who was born in South Leeds and as I continue to work in the area I am excited to see and be involved in the journey with Broomfield over the coming years.


Ruth Sarsfield

Ruth Sarsfield

 I am a class teacher at Broomfield South SILC. 

I grew up in Aberdeen and went to Art College in Edinburgh. During a year out of college I worked with a family supporting their daughter Nicola who had SEN. This started me off on a journey, leading me to teaching and working with the pupils at Broomfield. 

I have been here now for twenty years! I’ve had the privilege of knowing many of our pupils through their earliest years up to Post 16, some now in their twenties; it’s great to hear news of how they are continuing to do well.

My mantra has always been that each day, learning should be fun for our pupils and their time at school a happy one that helps them to be the best they can be. 

I have recently been appointed as Staff Governor, and am keen to support the school, the pupils and staff as we venture forwards to the future.


Kathy Louca

Kathy LoucaAs a trained NNEB nursery nurse I have worked with children since the age of 16. I studied nursery nursing at college and have worked in various settings including nurseries, schools, running my own playgroup, I was a nanny before going on to work one-to-one is a special school.

I then went on to become a foster carer for children with disabilities 19 years ago.

I fostered long-term, short breaks and day care for children with a range of disabilities. I became legal guardian for 3 of my foster children so feel that I have a lot to offer the governing body of Broomfield, as I have experience of working with children and have an understanding of what parents/carers and children need from the school and how we can work together to get the best out of the setting


The governing body normally has four full meetings a year. All meetings are clerked by a trained professional clerk who provides guidance and support to the governing body.

There are also three sub-committees, each of which meets once a term to discuss specific issues in more detail. The sub-committees are focussed around:

  • pupil welfare and safeguarding
  • teaching and learning
  • resources

Click for a meeting attendance list for the Broomfield SILC governors

Click for a meeting attendance list for the Broomfield SILC governors 2016-2017 

Click for a meeting schedule and attendance list for the Broomfield SILC governors 2017-2018 


The governing body welcomes compliments, comments and complaints about all aspects of the school.

  • Compliments and comments

Please contact the chair of governors, Ray Tough c/o Broomfield South SILC

  • Complaints

If you have a complaint about an aspect of school life, in the first instance please try to resolve the matter with a teacher or the school principal. The governing body only becomes involved in a complaint once these channels have been used. A copy of the school's complaints procedure is available under ‘Policies’ on the school web-site.

At Broomfield South SILC we are constantly striving to improve and develop the provision for our pupils and staff. The governing body will continue to work hard to support and challenge the school in achieving this goal.