Broomfield SILC


At Broomfield South SILC PSHCE is a vital part of our ethos. We focus on developing student's emotional, social, health, cultural and personal growth through discrete lessons and holistic teaching. This provides the students with the foundations for understanding the world as independently as possible.

PSHCE is taught very differently across the school. Students who can access the formal curriculum participate on 1-2 lessons per week however students who access the semi-formal curriculum work towards their Personal Target which have a PSHCE focus.

We have based our long term plan using Equals Framework which ensures we have a bespoke and varied curriculum. In KS4 and 5 students study accredited PSHE units.

We use age appropriate, stimulating, engaging and hands-on activities to promote discussion throughout school at all ages and abilities.

We have been working with the Pupil Welfare Team to create lunch time clubs which are accessible for all students, here are some examples of the fun things we have got up to this year: den building, messy play, board games, dominoes and outdoor adventures.