Broomfield SILC


At Broomfield South SILC we seek to develop reading, writing and language skills to the best of a students’ ability through English. Inclusive, creatively delivered, differentiated English teaching, in our school is essential to student development, including in the areas of independence, communication, emotional regulation, self-expression and creativity, considered key parts of the delivery of English.

Reading across the SILC is taught predominantly through a synthetic, systematic phonics approach.  We predominantly use two schemes Read Write Inc and Dockside.  However we do use a range of different schemes, resources and materials to suit each individual learner.

The English department emphasises the importance of reading through promotion of the school and local library and by encouraging pupils to read on a day to day basis. We raise the profile of reading through school events like World Book Day and Roald Dahl day. Where appropriate pupils have an
individual reading book

Across the school pupils are encouraged to used Drama to aid their writing. Drama is being used across the school. Early on we encourage pupils to listen and participate in interactive and sensory stories.  As they progress particularly in Secondary classes’ pupils are learning drama techniques like hot seating and freeze frames, as this helps them to get a further insight into the characters and the plot around the story that they are learning about.

Pupils at Broomfield South SILC are encouraged to practice using different methods of communication in the safe environment of the school and are supported in learning how to generalise functional communication skills so that they can use these with confidence in the wider community. In school we use a wide range of communication methods to supplement speech, sign or writing for pupils with impairments in producing or understanding speech or written language. These methods include:

  • Communication books
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Big Mack
  • Sym Writer
  • I-Pad
  • Switches

The English department always runs and enters external writing competitions each year, often with our students winning prizes and credited for their high standard of writing.



All pupils participate in World Book Day 2017. Pupils dressed up and a variety of activities went on across the school, throughout the day.

Primary pupils has a Teddy bears picnic, whilst Secondary pupils had a drama focused day in which they performed a scene from their favourite books at the Mad Hatters Tea Party. 


Upcoming English Spring Events

We are lucky enough to have the Hobgoblin Theatre company in twice during Spring Term 2018!

Pupils following the formal curriculum will watch a performance on the 26th February 2018 during World Book Week on the Wizard of OZ.

Pupils in Secondary are learning about UK Past and Present in History and Tragedy stories in English. Pupils will watch a performance called Thompsons War on the 8th March 2018. This will tell the story of what life was like as a child in WW2, pupils will then participate in a Drama workshop linking to what they have watched. Photos will follow shortly.