Broomfield SILC

Broomfield Curriculum  

School Values
Aspirational – we encourage everyone to be lifelong learners and to maximise their potential.( cultural capital)

Resilience – we provide opportunities to develop strength of character and independence skills for every member of our school community.

Respectful – we work hard to build relationships and respect everyone’s ideas and opinions.   All members of our community have a voice.

Individuality – we recognise that all members of our school community are unique and celebrate their achievements

Irresistible – we facilitate irresistible learning opportunities and experiences ensuring all learners have a curriculum that is built around them.


Whole School Intent (PURPOSE)

‘Investing in Individuals, transforming lives’

We will plan and deliver a curriculum that is creative, aspirational and meaningful. Learning opportunities and experiences will inspire, engage and challenge our pupils to maximise their potential.  Our progressive, enriched and explorative curriculum will celebrate individuality and develop pupil’s independence, resilience and confidence through all stages of their learning.


Curriculum Pathways

The Informal Curriculum  

The Informal Pathway adopts a fully personalised curriculum which is wholly driven by EHCP outcomes and individual learner needs. Learning is facilitated through play, exploration and multi-sensory experiences where adults adopt a responsive, reactive and engaging Intensive Interaction style approach.

Through providing enabling environments and progressive experiences, curiosity, intent and independence is cultivated and developed as learners grow.

Learners will thrive through our Informal curriculum. Themes provide the stimulus to ensure all learning fully encompasses purposeful communication and key skills for life. Every learning opportunity is optimised holistically rather than in compartmentalised subject areas as we recognise our learners are at the early stages development. Learning opportunities and experiences are revisited, enhanced and broadened through an evolving and progressive spiral model of learning, ensuring all pupils are fully prepared for the next stage.


The Semi-Formal Curriculum

We provide a creative, stimulating, explorative curriculum catering for our diverse needs, celebrating individuality.

Within the Semi-Formal Curriculum pathway, we focus on each individual’s EHCP targets and developing the key skills of effective communication, confidence, resilience and independence.  Our personalised approach ensures all pupils are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.   Learning is organised into the main areas of; Communication and Literacy, Problem Solving, Maths and Technology, My World, Creative and Sensory and Movement.

Skills are taught through a creative, stimulating, explorative cross curricular curriculum, catering for our diverse needs, celebrating individuality.  Themes are reviewed regularly with the interest of the learners at the heart.  The varied and irresistible learning opportunities on offer provide an environment where transferable skills can be learnt and embedded, preparing all learners for the future.


The Formal Curriculum

The formal curriculum offers personalised pathways that focus on independence, resilience, self-esteem and positive relationships, fully preparing our young people for a happy, successful and aspirational future.  The curriculum will give our young people the skills, knowledge and abilities to live fulfilled lives and make a valued contribution to the community.

We provide a broad, balanced and aspirational curriculum, taking a cumulative approach to build on and consolidate vital skills, knowledge and abilities. A coherently planned and well sequenced programme of studies will include engaging and personalised activities to;

  • Ensure all pupils make academic progress focussing on developing the key skills of reading, writing and maths;
  • Develop transferable skills;
  • Provide opportunities for cultural experiences for an enriched life;
  • Provide aspirational careers/futures programme;
  • Develop employability skills;
  • Embrace individuality;
  • Celebrate student voice;
  • Provide opportunities for students to feel empowered;