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Curriculum Overview

‘Investing in Individuals, Transforming lives’ encompasses everything we  aim for and believe in.  Our curriculum is built around this ethos.

 The South SILC is committed to providing a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which engages, motivates, excites and challenges our learners whilst preparing them for their future.

Through careful planning and delivery, our curriculum is differentiated and personalised to meet the needs of our learners on all 3 sites, enabling them to reach their potential and prepare them to take their place in society. We believe our pupils deserve the best provision possible and therefore we have high expectations and regularly review and evaluate the curriculum to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Our pupils have their say about their learning via the School Council, department reviews and pupil led curriculum surveys, all of which inform future provision.

Our curriculum is multi- faceted to take into account the changing needs of our school population.

 We follow the National Curriculum which is differentiated and adapted according to the diverse needs of our pupils. We use a combination of our own schemes of work, the Early Years Foundation Stage, Equals, Chris Quigley ‘Creative Themes’  and recognised accredited modules of work for our older pupils including ASDAN, OCR and, where appropriate we make arrangements for pupils to have the opportunity to study for GCSE’s and ‘A ‘ levels.

 Some of our pupils have barriers to learning including severe and complex needs. For some pupils functioning between P levels 1-8 we have developed a Semi formal curriculum which is delivered using a thematic approach and highly personalised outcomes.

 Pupils have individual outcomes, personal learning plans, and timetables to meet individual needs.

 A significant number of our pupils have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). Our offer to meet the needs of these pupils includes a wide range of teaching methods, interventions, approaches and strategies to promote and encourage good progress and access to the curriculum.  The curriculum recognises and supports the predominant difficulties experienced by pupils with an Autistic Spectrum Condition.  Through all aspects of learning we aim to meet pupils’ needs in terms of ‘social communication’, ‘social interaction’, ‘social imagination’ which includes social instinct and flexibility of thought and behaviour and ‘sensory issues’. 

The development of Communication, Personal, Social and Health Education, including independence, and Citizenship is a priority throughout all departments. Our mission is to ensure our pupils are safe, confident and as independent as possible when they leave school  helping them to lead fulfilling, enriched lives and take their place in society.

Pupils use a variety of augmented approaches to develop and support their communication skills for example, Intensive Interaction, communication aids, Makaton and symbols including the Pictorial Exchange System (PECS).


What is our curriculum designed to do?


  • Provide flexible opportunities for pupils to learn, achieve and develop their potential through a personalised broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which meets the needs of all learners.
  • Provide our pupils with the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices and how to keep themselves safe


  • Provide a wide range of learning experiences for pupils in each key stage suitable for their age and ability.


  • Promote British Values and pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) and prepare all pupils to contribute to the community and be responsible, tolerant members of society whilst preparing them for life in modern Britain.


  • Enable all learners to make independent choices, decisions and communicate their needs and views.


  • Be able to interact with others and develop positive relationships with a wide range of people.


  • Question, challenge and explore.


  • Celebrate achievements and small steps of learning.


  • Develop independence and life skills and prepare them for adulthood through personalised pathways taking into account their wishes, dreams and aspirations.


  • Develop the fundamental skills of communication, mathematical reasoning, problem solving, working with others and independent thinking.


  • Increase pupils' understanding of their environment, the world around them and develop a sense of community.


  • Practise, apply and develop their skills both in and beyond school.


  • Encourage pupils to develop enquiring minds, fully engage in the opportunities within the curriculum and to enable our pupils and young people to have fun and enjoy their learning experiences.      


Extended Curriculum 


We offer extended residential experiences to a number of carefully selected venues. Each venue is chosen with the specific needs of our pupils in mind. 

  • Lineham Farm, which is quite close to school and is particularly suited to pupils who may be experiencing their first stay away from home.


  • Herd Farm near the Harewood estate, Leeds for our older pupils which offers a range of challenging differentiated activities such as climbing, bushcraft, assault courses and den building.


  •  Condover Hall, which offers for example, abseiling, swimming and teambuilding activities.

 Pupils also have the opportunity to participate in activities at Yeadon Tarn and other of site locations such as Cannon Hall farm.


We have a flexible approach to residentials to suit individual needs for example pupils may attend for the day or a single night to help them gain confidence in spending time away from home and familiar surroundings.


All sites are secure and most have facilities for pupils with a physical disability. These activities are hugely popular and serve to forge excellent relationships between staff and pupils. Moreover, we feel that such experiences are vital in helping our pupils increase their knowledge of the world, whilst providing opportunities for them to apply the skills learned in school in a real but controlled environment.

We also have a wide range of daily lunchtime clubs on offer including Lego, Hair and Beauty, Dance and Messy play.


Wider Community

Being part of the community is at the forefront of the curriculum to develop the pupils' access to and understanding of the local and wider community. Visits to a variety of religious places are a regular feature, for example, pupils access the local Mosque and church.

At Christmas pupils attend a Carol Service at the local church of St Mary's and the vicar often attends school and conducts whole school events such as Harvest Festival and the Easter Assembly.

We participate in a variety fundraising activities including ‘Children in Need’, ’Macmillan Cancer Support ‘and the local foodbank.

Our pupils also work with the Community Volunteer teams on a variety of projects which impact on our local and wider community for example creating spice bags for refugees from Syria and cooking for the elderly residents of the Belle Isle Tennants Association.

 The South SILC values all the contributions and achievements of our pupils. To this end, the school holds a celebration assembly every week which recognises a variety of achievements such as attendance, worker of the week, and participation in the school’s many sporting and sensory experience events both on and off site.

This is in addition to weekly department assemblies which cover celebrations from different cultures, PSHE and Citizenship themes for example, Black History Month, British Values and time for reflection.

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For more information about the curriculum please contact: Debbie Windle on:                                           Telephone: (0113) 277 1603


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