Broomfield SILC

Annual Reviews

All students on roll at the South SILC have an Education Health and Care Plan. This will be reviewed, in a Person Centred way, on an annual basis.

Person Centred Planning (PCP) is the approach taken in the Annual Review meeting, it is designed to ensure our students and young people remain the focus throughout the process. It ensures their views are gained and helps the students and young people to recognise and map out the knowledge, skills and experiences they need in order to develop. Both in terms of their learning and as individuals who are able to make a positive contribution to society as they progress into adulthood.

At the meeting there will be a scribe and a facilitator, the class teacher will often fulfil one of these roles. The scribe will write all the relevant information up on flip chart paper on the wall for everyone to see, this alleviates the need for note taking.

All of our students and young people are encouraged to attend and/or contribute fully to their meeting and we will make amendments to procedures and processes to accommodate this. This process is now fully imbedded in South SILC practice, as our students become increasingly familiar with it, it has been wonderful to see them taking an active role in and ownership over their meetings! 

To help your son/daughter prepare for their meeting you can access the tool kit below. We welcome any ideas which may facilitate our student’s access to their meeting. Please feel free to bring along photos, visual supports and communication aids as appropriate.

For enquires about review meeting dates please email the team as below or call the school directly. Further information and advice from the Local Authority is available on their website. 

Review Tool Kit