Broomfield SILC

Weekly School Award Winners

Weekly School Awards for Friday 8th September

Workers of the Week

P1 - Lily Mae for doing lots of walking this week inside and out in the playground

P2 - Josue for bing a superstar all week

P3 - Billy for a fantastic first week at his new school

P4 - Muhammed for joining in lots of new songs

P5 - Everyone for settling and working well together

P6 - Joshua for settling in at his new school

P7 - Kaitlyn for making a beautiful poster about her summer holidays

P8 - Whole class for settling in to our new class so well

S1 - Lucas for saying the names of friends in his new class

S2 - Whole class for an amazing first week

S3 - Tanisha for settling into her new class and making friends

S4 - Maninder for having a good week in his new class

S5 - Jim for being a positive role model to other pupils

S6 - Callum for settling into a new class and new school

S7 - All the class for an excellent start to the year

S8 - All of S8 for making an excellent start to the new term

S9 - Excellent start to the new year by the whole class