Broomfield SILC

P6 - The Enormous Crocodile

P6 have been studying stories by Roald Dahl. This week we have started to read The Enormous Crocodile. To help us understand the characters better we have used hot seating. The children took it in turns to take on the role of one of the characters and the rest of the groups asked questions. Here are a few examples of the questions and answers from the session.

Questions to the Enormous Crocodile: 

Are you friendly? No, because I eat children and crunch their bones!

Why do you want to eat the children? I like the texture of them.

Why don’t you eat fish? The bones get stuck in my teeth and I don’t like the eyes.

Questions the Humpy-Rumpy Hippo:

Do you save the children from the crocodile? I protect them and led them to safety.

Do you like the crocodile? He is the worst ever, he isn’t very nice.

Questions to Trunky the Elephant:

 Why did the crocodile bite your leg?

I tried to run away.