Broomfield SILC

Get Me Better Workshops

Broomfield pupils STAR in this Leeds Children's Hospital (LCH) film that prepares children for visiting hospital or having dental treatment.  Pupils took part in a series of workshops were they  became familiar with the soundings and staff so if any pupils needed to go to hospital or have treatment they would be less anxious.  

LCH TV is a great place to visit to prepare children and young people before going to the Childrens Hospital or having Dental Treatment.  You can explore the wards at the Leeds Children’s Hospital and meet the team. Some of the films are made by young people and their families, some films will also give feedback about experience from children or young people in hospital. You can  see the ward that either you or your child will be visiting.  You will also be able to meet the staff you are likely to meet during your stay.