Broomfield SILC

Complex Needs Partnership Board Takeover 2017

Today pupils from Broomfield SILC got the chance to Takeover the Complex Needs Partnership Board at Leeds Civic Hall.

They met the Lord Mayor, had a tour of the Civic Hall and sat in the Civic Hall Chambers.

As part of the day the 3 lads had to give a presentation about 3 things they think our school do well.  They said it was hard to choose as there were so many but settled on personalised learning, work experience and Supported Internships and Accreditation.

They also gave a presentation to a large room, of professionals they didn't know, on what they would like to see on the school curriculum in future after asking other peers within school.

They behaved impeccably and were an absolute credit to the school and received certificates that were presented to them by the Lord Mayor.