Broomfield SILC

Broomfield Election June 2017

This year’s Broomfield Elections saw three candidates contesting for the leadership. Unfortunately last year’s elected member – one of our senior pupils – was not able to stand for re-election so it was a battle between staff. Last year’s runner up, Debbie Windle again stood for the SMILE party. After an unsuccessful campaign last year under the USKIP (Skipping and keeping fit) banner John Fryer changed parties to the NEWSKIP Party hoping for more success under the greener keeping tidy agenda. Hugh Goodgame stood for the Rich/More Pay Party.

Unfortunately Hugh’s manifesto proved to be so unpopular with the masses that he was booed off the platform and lost his deposit. John Fryer claimed an unfair campaign by his rivals amongst suggestions that his posters had been defaced and as a result pulled out at the last minute. Despite all this Debbie Windle continued to Smile throughout and her rousing rendition of Barry Manilow’s ‘I can’t smile without you’ swung the vote winning with an overwhelming majority!! Congratulations to the Smile Party and our first Female elected member!! Let’s see what the real General Election 2017 produces!!