Broomfield SILC

Computing Curriculum

Nowadays we use computers and other technological aids everyday, at home, at work and at school.  The Computing Curriculum at Broomfield South SILC aims to teach pupils the skills they may need in the future.  Computing is taught throughout the curriculum as a discrete subject and helps scaffold learning in many cross-curricular areas. 

The children attendingn Broomfield South SILC are encouraged to communicate ideas and information in a variety of forms, where appropriate, using equipment and computer software to enhance their learning. 

Broomfield South SILC provides pupils with access to a range of educational software and internet based resources.


Here are come interactive coding links to investigate and enjoy.

 Create your own game using Scratch programming.





As well as teaching the children a range of computing skills at Broomfield South SILC we aim to help them become good digital citizens and understand how to keep themselves and others safe online. 

 E-saftey is taught through cross-curricular opportunities and also through E-safety weeks each term to ensure pupils are kept up to date with current risks present on the internet.

Please find the E-safety information for parents and carers here, this webpage provides additional support in addition to the materials sent out to parents and students during the year and offers top tips for online safety at home.

A good website that we would direct pupils to is which is packed with interesting and age appropriate resources on how to remain safe online.