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Assessing, Recording & Reporting Progress

The progress that pupils make is monitored and recorded on a regular basis, and is celebrated in whole school assemblies. Teachers assess progress within the Early Years Foundation Stage, National Curriculum Levels and P Levels. Pupils’ Progress is discussed in regular department meetings to make sure that pupils are making the progress we expect.

School uses SENIT Journals for Early Years pupils, and software called B-Squared for older pupils to help staff to keep track of pupils’ progress and attainment, to identify where extra help and support may be needed, and to make sure our pupils are making progress in line with expectations.

Pupil Progress in 2015-2016 

Progress made in Previous Years Compared to 2015-16


School has developed its own in-house system for 2015-16 in consultation with another SILC and our School Improvement Partner.  The system references progression materials, other  SILC’s criteria for identifying good or outstanding progress, as well as the previous performance of our own pupils over the last five years. The system has been scrutinised by HMI and is seen as fit for purpose.

Using the new assessment system data for 2015-16 shows that:

  • Between 81% and 89% of pupils make good or outstanding progress in all subjects.
  • PSHE and English appear to be our strongest subjects.
  • Whilst direct like-for like comparison with previous years’ progress is not possible due to the necessity to adopt different measures in 2015-16, we can see that progress in all core subjects and PSHE is roughly in line with previous progress. In future school will be able to plot annual improvements in progress using the new system.

SATS results 2015-16

  • End of KS1 Pupils
  • In 2015-16 there were 8 pupils at end of KS1. All 8 were assessed as below the level of the KS1 tests.
  • End of KS2 Pupils
  • In 2015-16 there were 12 pupils at end of KS2. All 12 were below the level of the KS2 tests.

Phonics Reading Test Results 2015-16

  • Ten out of the eleven pupils in KS1 (Y1 and Y2) were dis-applied from the test. One Y1 pupil sat the test and achieved a score of 36-40 (i.e. “Working At” level).

Accreditation results 2015-2016:

Leaver's destinations 2015-2016:

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 Achievement and attainment performance data

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